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About Altair Advanced Industries, Inc.


"From an operations standpoint, Altair has been able to sustain enormous growth over more than thirty years in business, and still maintains a single focus on servicing the needs of its customers. With a constant commitment to excellence, Altair has established itself as a world-class manufacturer. We build all Alpha products to industry-specific guidelines with an uncompromising commitment to quality and reliability."

Grace Borsari, CEO of Altair Advanced Industries.

Power Supply Line

Altair Advanced Industries, Inc. produces standby power supplies for the cable TV and communications markets. As cable broadband networks have expanded to carry data, video and voice, in addition to television entertainment, the value of a reliably powered broadband network has become a necessity.

As the sole manufacturer of the industry standard broadband power supply, the Alpha XM3-HP, as well as many other power supplies, enclosures, rectifiers and components, Altair continues to lead the market in communication network powering.

As a member of The Alpha Group, Altair Advanced Industries Inc. is a manufacturing organization serving all Alpha Group companies across the U.S and Canada. Altair's vertically integrated manufacturing facilities in Bellingham, WA and Suwanee, GA provide state of the art technology, including CNC fabrication, PCB assembly, product integration, assembly, testing and distribution.

Altair Advanced Industries, Inc. is now a certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise by The Supplier Clearinghouse, an independent audit and verification organization.

3765 Alpha Way
Bellingham, WA 98226
United States
Phone +1 360 671 7703
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