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Fuel Cell Backup Power Technology
Freedom Power Platform (FPP)

Product Highlights

  • Smallest backup power footprint for an 8-hour runtime requirement
  • Lowest acquisition cost and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • 8 hour runtime solution fits into existing DPP cabinet on-site, avoids lease and civil costs
  • Eliminates performance and replacement issues with batteries and generators
  • Simple, low-cost maintenance
  • Description

    The Freedom Power Platform (FPP) is a patented retro-fit fuel cell solution designed to deliver non-stop TV, internet and phone service while meeting required FCC mandates. Designed with a small footprint that yields huge advantages, the FPP boasts the lowest acquisition cost, as well as the lowest total cost of ownership, while providing the smallest backup power footprint and an impressive 8-hour runtime solution.

    The FPP also integrates seamlessly into established network infrastructure. Unlike traditional backup power solutions, the FPP avoids leasing and civil costs while providing simple, low-cost maintenance for network operators. These factors will allow MSO’s to modernize their networks and meet customer connectivity demands.